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We are a Diverse Collective of Writers, Producers, Directors,

Editors, Designers, and Filmmakers, led by industry veterans.

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James began his career as an editor in Chicago and quickly became one of the most sought after editors in the country collaborating with some of the most prestigious directors in the business which led to James turning his focus to being behind the camera. 


"When I direct, I bring my editorial skills behind the camera. I know what I need to make the edit sing."

His branded content and traditional advertising work has been sought out by brands including Serta, 3M, Sony, Microsoft. Motorola and Verizon. With a voice predicated on realism, not overblown concepts, but raw and real, his work is beautiful, unpredictable, and utterly spontaneous.


James' first feature film, SWEET DREAMS DRIVING SCHOOL, was a hit on the festival circuit early in his career. His documentary feature, LICENSE TO OPERATE, co-produced by Pete Carroll, debuted at SIFF, and has played in festivals across the country, winning the Best Documentary Award at the Highland Park International Film Festival. 

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EP/Creative Director


Samantha Hart has quintessentially had a hand in defining an era through her natural insight into emerging trends in music and film, while blurring the lines between art and commerce.  An award-winning Creative Director/Writer, Sam is also an experienced director and producer. As a creative director, she's been instrumental in the creative development of campaigns for films, brands, and nonprofits. Her creative direction for United Way Chicago, entitled

"We're All Connected," earned her the prestigious Gold Hugo Award.


Samantha's career began in the entertainment industry, under the mentorship of David Geffen at his venerable record label, Geffen Records working with artists Nirvana, Guns' N Roses, and Aerosmith.


She went on to become Creative Director at Gramercy Pictures (now Focus Films.)

Samantha's creative vision brought prominence to such independent features as Dazed and Confused, Fargo, The Usual Suspects, and Four Weddings And A Funeral. She continued her run of hits at Fox Searchlight with Waking Ned Devine and Boys Don't Cry before moving to Universal Pictures as Senior Vice President of Marketing and Advertising.


Segueing to commercial advertising in 2004, she owned and operated Foundation Content, the production/editorial powerhouse she co-founded in Chicago , before rebranding in Los Angeles as Wild Bill Creative in 2017.




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